The seeds of Kuma-San Bakehouse were planted 10 years ago when we returned from France.  Having been spoiled with fine boulangerie daily we found ourselves in England where 80% of the bread comes out of a factory and most of the remaining 20% is reheated in a supermarket bakery after coming out of a factory.

So Miyo was determined to learn how to make it as good as it possibly could be and almost every day for the next 10 years baked fresh bread at home.   For the last few years she has been getting it right and told that by everyone who tastes it she should sell it so finally we are doing that…

Our bakery is a microbakery which means we bake and sell from our home and at first we will be doing this twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday).  You’re free to collect the bread when you want and we may do local deliveries (Darley Dale) if there is a demand for it (please send us a message).  We will post on our blog and Facebook page what will be on the menu a few days beforehand.  We would recommend reserving what you want as we know that other people with a similar business model find that demand strips supply once word gets out.

We believe our bread is better than any other in the Peak District area, each loaf is made with skill and we don’t cut corners like other artisans seem to do.  Our bread is made from the core ingredients of flour-water-yeast-salt and time with the occasional wholesome other ingredients added, there are no chemicals, enzymes or weird stuff involved, this is bread as it would have been made over 100 years ago.