Made with flour, water, salt and a starter culture of natural yeasts and bacteria plus a long fermentation time sourdough bread is a full flavoured loaf with firm crust, uneven holes and long shelf life.  Sourdough can range in sourness from sharp acidity to hardly noticeable, our sourdough isn’t a very sour sourdough.


The Pullman loaf is cooked in lidded pans and gets its name from being used to save space in train kitchens.  Very popular in Japan for its creamy taste and ultra soft crumb.  We substitute milk for cream cheese in our loaves to give it an extra softness and flavour.  A perfect sandwich loaf and for those who like their bread soft.


Italian flat bread with an open bubbly texture topped with traditional olive oil and salt or more adventurous toppings both sweet and savoury (tomato and basil shown here).  These don’t last long!