The Baker

Eating bread in Strasbourg…

Miyo is from Tokushima in Japan and never intended to be a baker, she is an expert on education and has taught from nursery (Montessori and PGCE teacher) to university (holds two Masters degrees in Education).   But when she returned from living in France she missed the bread so much she set about learning how to bake it.  Thousands of loaves later and with some lessons at the School Of Artisan Foods she feels confident she can bake wonderful bread.

lunch time is munch time

Kuma-Chan her English husband tests all the bread and only the bread which receives the paw print of approval makes it on sale.

Kuma in Japanese means bear and Kuma-San that gives its name to the bakehouse could be Mr Bear or Mrs Bear or the large sleuth of teddy bears that live at the bakehouse.  We like bears here as much as we like bread.  Bears have a reputation for enjoying good bread, whether it is a marmalade sandwich or both honey and condensed milk with their bread.