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Kuma-San Bakehouse is an award winning small bakery. Our menu changes weekly and a highly skilled Japanese baker produces a unique range of Japanese and speciality bread using high quality ingredients. Award winning sourdough loaves are also on the menu!

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The seeds of Kuma-San Bakehouse were planted 13 years ago when we returned from France. Having been spoiled with fine boulangerie daily we found ourselves in England where 80% of the bread comes out of a factory.

So Miyo was determined to learn how to make it as good as it possibly could be and almost every day for the next 10 years baked fresh bread at home. Miyo's bread were so popular among family and friends and she was told that she sould sell it and she started baking a small batch of bread for local people.

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In 2019 Miyo submitted three entries to the World Bread Awards. Even though it was her first attempt and there were many entries from very experienced bakers all got an award and the Japanese brioche "Citrus and Chocolate Brioche" was a runner up in its Speciality Sweet category.


The baker

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Miyo is from Tokushima in Japan and never intended to be

a baker. She is an expert on education and has taught from nurseries (Montessori and PGCE teacher) to university. She hold two Masters degrees in education.

When she returned from living in France, she missed the bread so much that she set about learning how to bake it. Thousands of loaves later and with some lessons at Forge Bakehouse in Sheffield and the School of Artisan Foods, she feels confident she can bake wonderful bread.

She is passionate about baking and everyday she is making the very best efforts to be a better baker making full use of her creative talents. A unique fusion of Japanese and Western baking is Miyo's speciality.

The Baker's Husband


Here is her English husband David but Miyo calls him "Kuma-Chan". Kuma-Chan tests all the bread and sweet buns and only the products which receive the paw print of approval make them on sale .

Kuma in Japanese means "bear" and "Kuma-San" that gives its name to the bakehouse could be "Mr Bear" or "Mrs Bear" or the large sleuth of "Teddy Bears" that live at the bakehouse.

We like bears here as much as we like bread. Bears have a reputation for enjoying good bread, whether it is a marmalade sandwich or both honey and condensed milk with their bread!

Good Bread, Happy Dining!

Kuma-San Bakehouse

Our Specialities

Japanese Baking
Speciality Bread
Sweet Buns and Treats

All my bread is made in the traditional way with special care and details, and I use a starter or sponge to begin the bread which means it can take up to 36 hours to make a loaf.

Each loaf is made from a blend of flours to get the correct result I want. There are no chemical such as bread dough improver nor food preservatives, this is bread as it would have been made over 100 years ago.

White Sourdough

Seeded Sourdough

Country Sourdough

Rowsley Wholemeal Sourdough

Hybrid Baguette


Japanese Cotton Loaf

Japanese Pullman

Apple Custard Buns

Chocolate and Citrus Brioche

Brioche Japonaise

How to buy bread

At present I bake on Thursday and Saturday. I am planning to bake 3 days a week in the near future. I will inform as to the extra day when I have decided the details of baking.

We have only a limited capacity as each loaf requires a lot of care to produce so we like our customers to reserve what they want in advance. I bake a few extra for those who forget to order but to avoid disappointment you need to reserve.

I announce what we are baking each week via our email list and Facebook. You can sign up to our mailing list on our website or by emailing me at subscribe@kumasanbakehouse.com.

You can order by email, phone, Facebook message or in person.

You need to collect you bread from my house at Limestones Dale Road North Darley Dale Matlock(DE4 2HY), which is on the main road to Bakewell.

Collection Time

Thursday 11.30 -19.00

Saturday 11.30 -14.00

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Privacy Policy

  • We collect email addresses of people who wish to be informed of our business activities .
  • We don't share our customers' information with anyone else.
  • We keep the data until you ask us, otherwise and you are free to ask us to remove the data at any time.
  • The existence of individual's rights (known as data subject rights)
  • If you are unhappy you have the right to lodge a complaint withe the information commissioner's office but it would be nicer if you spoke to us about it instead.

Health and Safety


  • I am fully insured and have a good Food and Hygiene Rating 5 from Derbyshire District Council
  • As to Allergy information, we indicate on our menu anything beyond the basic ingredients of wheat flour, yeast, water and salt that is included in our products. Most common used ingredients are eggs, dairy and nuts.
  • Our kitchen is also a domestic kitchen so other allergens may be present so if you have any concerns, please contact us.


Kuma-San Bakehouse

Limestones, Dale Road North, Matlock

Derbyshire DE4 2HY

Tel: (01629)734118


Do you have any questions? Please contact me at

miyo @kumasanbakehouse.com

Collection time

Thursday: 11.30-19.00

Saturday: 11.30 -14.00

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